CEREC-one visit porcelain crowns

CEREC® One Appointment Restorations

Getting a crown used to be a lengthy process, often resulting in numerous visits to the office. But with the latest on-site CEREC® digital imaging technology, all this has changed. We make custom-fit, beautifully crafted porcelain restorations and bond them in place in the same day. No need to wear a temporary or make another appointment to have your restoration placed.

How Does it Work?

With CEREC®, you only make one trip to the dentist to get your porcelain inlay, onlay or crown and there are no impressions to make. The CEREC camera simply takes a digital image of your tooth and then Dr. Galli creates a custom designed crown, ready to bond. There’s no waiting for a lab to make it, no additional appointments to endure, and no concerns about incorrect fit or color.