Technology in Dentistry

Our State-of-the-Art Technology

Using the latest advancements in dental technology, Dr. Galli is able to provide you with safer, faster and more convenient treatment options.

Intra-oral Cameras

Intra-oral cameras have greatly improved the way we examine teeth. These pen-sized cameras take video of your teeth, magnifying them on a computer screen so you can both see any cracks, decay or problems in your mouth. This technology helps him to diagnose and treat problems earlier than ever before.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography benefits both dentist and patient by decreasing exposure time to radiation by up to 70%. With digital x-rays, Dr. Galli takes a picture of your teeth and sees it almost immediately on a computer monitor. This enhanced image gives him a better picture of your oral health, allowing for earlier treatment.


The diagnodent is a small diagnostic light that identifies early cavities, often before they can be seen on an x-ray. This minimizes future damage to the tooth and saves you time and discomfort.

Computers in Each Operatory

Computers in every treatment room enable us to have immediate access to your digital x-rays, pictures and records, assuring consistency and quality of care.

CEREC® One Appointment Restorations

Getting a crown used to be a lengthy process, often resulting in numerous visits to the office. But with the latest on-site CEREC® digital imaging technology, all this has changed. We make custom-fit, beautifully crafted porcelain restorations and bond them in place in the same day. No need to wear a temporary or make another appointment to have your restoration placed.

How Does it Work?

With CEREC®, you only make one trip to the dentist to get your porcelain inlay, onlay or crown and there are no impressions to make. The CEREC camera simply takes a digital image of your tooth and then Dr. Galli creates a custom designed crown, ready to bond. There’s no waiting for a lab to make it, no additional appointments to endure, and no concerns about incorrect fit or color.

What are Inlays?

Inlays are custom fillings made out of porcelain. They are strong, natural-looking restorations that greatly help to strengthen teeth, and are nearly invisible in the smile. Inlays are a long-lasting restoration, meaning less treatment over the lifetime of the tooth than a regular filling which may need to be replaced sooner.

What are Onlays?

Onlays are used for structural stability on teeth that may not need a crown. Onlays are made of strong, natural-looking porcelain materials that stabilize and lengthen the life of a tooth. Like inlays, an onlay can often be used to repair only the damaged portion of the tooth, leaving much more of the original tooth structure intact.